Breed History

According to legend, Tibetan Terriers were raised in monasteries by Tibetan Lama priests. It is believed that Tibetan Terriers persevered the harsh climate of Tibet for thousands of years and survived with the warm and loving care of the lamas. Sometimes Tibetan Terriers were given to travelers who had done the Lamas a favor or good deed as the Lamas never sold their Tibetan Terriers. It was told that if given a gold Tibetan Terrier it would bring that family good luck, thus Tibetan Terriers have been referred to as "The Good Luck" dog. There is also reference that they were called "The Holy Dog Of Tibet".

In 1922, Dr. Agnes Greig of England was working in the Woman's Medical Service located near the Himalayan Mountains that borders Nepal. Dr. Greig performed surgery on a Tibetan woman and as a token of family appreciation she was given her choice of puppies from a litter. Soon after friends of Dr. Greig's acquired a second Tibetan Terrier from Tibet. On Christmas day in 1924, the first Tibetan Terrier litter that was born outside of Tibet was born in India. In 1926, Dr. Greig went back to England with three Tibetan Terriers and started a breeding kennel. The first Tibetan Terrier arrived in the United States in 1956 from Dr. Greig and the breed was recognized by The American Kennel Club in May of 1973.

Today we know Tibetan Terriers as lively, loyal and playful house pets that bring us joy and happiness.

Watch Out! The delightfulness of a Tibetan Terrier can be contagious.