We purchased our first Tibetan Terrier with Linda in 2004. Linda prepared Vino for his journey to our home in a very special way and also gave us pointers when bringing a dog into our home. We have been so impressed with her interest as a breeder and finding the best homes possible for each and every one of her dogs. And, Vino has been the best ever, so we went back to Linda 3 years ago and have another one, Bella. You couldn't find a better bred dog than what Linda has given us!! We are continually approached when walking our dogs and asked about them, namely what breed and personalities of Tibetan Terriers! Thanks Linda for bringing the best dogs ever into our lives!

D & K – Colorado


He is the very best dog ever! So good, so friendly, so happy....I could go on and on. He has so many dog friends in our neighborhood. Charlie, 6 month old Shi-poo, right next door. Lucy, 6 month old beagle, terrier mix 2 doors down (she has "dumped" Charlie for Jack). The list is a mile long. He is always on a "play-date." I think he's having fun here!

Wilmington, DE

"We were very lucky to find a Breeder like Linda Watson who had a puppy that has exceptional potential as a Show Dog. From the time we received Charlie, Linda has always been there to advise and inform us of the right things to do for his health and well-being. With her help and guidance, we found the best groomer and handler available to show Charlie when he reached six months.

We received Charlie when he was 3 months old, and started puppy confirmation classes soon after. At six months, in his first show, he took a 4 point major. In the same Non-Sporting Show he won the Best in Show Puppy. He followed that with two Majors and Best of Breed at the Ft. Worth Show. He Finished as a Champion winning Best of Breed on his 9 Month Birthday in Claremore, OK. Two of the dogs in Claremore were from the same litter as Charlie.

I don’t believe we have ever met a Breeder who is more considerate and thoughtful as Linda Watson. If we have any questions or need her assistance we know we can always count on her. If anyone is selected to parent one of her TTs as a pet or show dog, they would not be disappointed. Charlie’s temperament, agility and confirmation are superior to any other Tibetan.

Marge & Ken
Frisco, TX"


"Linda has a deep care and concern for her Tibetans. Sasha is so loveable and fabulous with our toddler - she has been a special addition to our family"


"As far as the process of adopting my girls from Linda, I have to say it clearly went so well with Sheba that I came back again two years later for Lumi! I remember being slightly surprised that you were so thorough during the initial interview process. I figured most people who sell dogs are not as concerned about where they end up. But I realize now, having met you, that you don't sell dogs. You find them homes for a reasonable fee! Sheba was my second Tibetan Terrier and she was so amazingly well-adjusted from the day she arrived! I had the benefit of having Sheba shipped to my local airport and then two years later, I traveled to North Carolina to pick up Lumi. They are both such amazing characters! Sheba was very appropriately named as she is a queen! She prances around always in charge and ruling the roost. Lumi is the perpetual puppy! She should be exiting her puppy time now but it is clear that she'll never outgrow it. Lumi is goofy and aloof and Sheba is always keeping a watchful eye on her. I remember worrying that Sheba might not be keen to have a puppy in the house. Sheba enjoys being the queen and I thought getting another puppy might cause her some anxiety or at least some resentment. I couldn't have been more wrong! When Sheba first met Lumi, she grabbed onto her and began to preen her as if Lumi was Sheba's very own. I am not sure if it was the scent of Linda and the other dogs in her care that made Sheba understand that Lumi belonged with her but they have a special connection that cannot be broken. When they rest, they have to be touching. Sheba is more black and Lumi has a lot of white and they look like yin and yang when they curl up next to each other. I am so grateful to Linda for giving me two perfect and very different little girls! Thank you!!"

Alexandria, VA

We purchased our first TT from Linda in 1982. Strutter was the start of a lifelong love of Tibetan Terriers. Since that time we have gone back to Linda for 5 more of her TTs – Sassie, Mollie, Scarlett, Paris and Randi. Each one of the puppies were very well socialized and arrived at our home full of energy and ready to join our gang. All of our pups came with pedigrees and health records which we needed for the dog shows but she also does this for TTs she sells as forever friends. Strutter was shown in Obedience and achieved his CD, CDX and Canadian CD. Sassie, Mollie and Scarlett achieved their Breed Championships. Paris achieved her Grand Championship and Randi is working toward her Breed Championship. Even though we show our gang, they are first and foremost our best buddies. Linda has always been there for us - sharing breed information, grooming tips and she looks forward to all of our stories and pictures. Linda started as our breeder but quickly became a friend.
Mark & Eileen
Lancaster, Pa

Shai-Ming will be six years old this fall........panic sets in when I think about that. I don't know how I could face life without him. Linda Watson presented this little angel to me in 2006. I regret to inform you that he is the one perfect dog and thus none other can match his temperament or his beauty. He is truly the Sacred Dog of Tibet - no doubt bred and raised by monks as he is without aggression of any kind toward any living creature and must kiss and cuddle if I have been away from home or just awakened in the morning. While he has been without health issues, Linda and I have, through the years, discussed health care decisions: she is always available for consultation. When Shai-Ming was two years old I thought he needed a companion. Linda had a female of heart-stopping coloration and she was two years old as well (too independent to show), and she came home with me and instantly took possession of all of us. She rules the roost and sometimes makes Shai-Ming sit in the corner (time out) while she holds his favorite toy until he conforms to her standards. Shai-Ming has obsessive/compulsive disorder chasing balls, and she sometimes gets tired of his incessant chasing. Neither dog has presented any health issues so we are blessed! I would not purchase a dog from anyone else.......Linda remains our guardian through the remainder of each dog's life. No wonder the Dalai Llama once said that "Animals are the ornaments of the earth."........No doubt he was speaking from his own experience with his own Tibetan Terrier!